February: Win or Lose the War on Weeds this Month!!

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My friends, the only thing I love more than Spring is getting my lawn ready for Spring!!  Yes, I know it’s still winter, but I believe that we must take significant action this month in order to have a healthy, weed-free lawn this year.

First, this has been an unseasonably warm February.  All that the weeds need to begin germination is warmth and little moisture.  Even if your lawn is still dormant (mine is green because I planted the Winter Ryegrass last fall), you’re probably noticing a few dandelions and crabgrass already. 

Follow these steps right now to get control of the weeds before they take over the lawn!

STEP ONE:  Pull as many weeds as you can tolerate… the old fashioned way!  Always try to get as much of the root as possible. 

STEP TWO:  Mow the lawn very short and de-thatch the lawn of all the old, dead undergrowth from winter.  Rake away the clippings and loosen up the soil.

STEP THREE:  Apply pre-emergent weed preventer.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND WEED-N-FEED.  Weed-n-feed contains a poison that could hurt the roots of trees and shrubs.  The pre-emergent weed preventer simply sterilizes the soil so that the weed’s seeds cannot germinate; it will not harm your existing plants.  This protection wears off after a few months, but by then the lawn will be growing and thickening in the warmth of Spring.  Read the precautions page to make sure the product is safe for children and pets and apply accordingly.

STEP FOUR:  Apply a high nitrogen fertilizer.  Again, I do not recommend a weed-n-feed/fertilizer combo; simply pick a fertilizer you like without a weed killer.

STEP FIVE:  Water the pre-emergent and fertilizer into your lawn thoroughly.

At least once a week, go out a pull any weeds you see.  If you attack the weed problem early and stay on it as the weather warms up, you’ll have a thick, beautiful lawn to enjoy this summer!

Happy Gardening!!

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