HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) – With Hurricane season quickly approaching, it is vital to be prepared.
The season runs from June 1 to November 30.

The Rio Grande Valley is no stranger to hurricanes and this upcoming hurricane season Colorado State University predicts 4 major hurricanes in its annual report of possible Atlantic hurricanes for 2022.

As we’ve seen before, hurricanes have the ability to wipe out cities, flood homes and knock over heavy objects due to the strong winds that accompany these strong storms.

To stay safe this hurricane season join the Valley Storm Team for Evacuations tips, toolbox essentials, and more with Hurricane Preparedness Week.

Daily themes for the week will emphasize different aspects of hurricane preparedness, which include:

  • Developing an Evacuation Plan
  • Assembling supplies
  • Strengthening your home
  • Pet safety tips

Today’s focus is related to evacuation. Stay alert of hurricanes in your area, which would include the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Leave if in mandatory evacuation zone, be sure to pack a backpack with plenty of water and food and take whatever precautions are necessary.

Not sure what to pack? Valley Storm Team is here for you and your family. Be sure to tune in for more useful public education graphics this hurricane season.