Freezing temperatures expected tonight across much of the RGV


Harlingen, Tx (KVEO) — With last night’s cold front behind us, temperatures have fallen 25 to 30 degrees off of yesterday’s high temperatures.

Additionally windy conditions, have made for blustery conditions. We had wind gusts this morning 40 to 50 mph, luckily those winds are starting to relax and will continue to lighten overnight.

With the winds calming, clear skies, and low humidity, mother natures is setting us up for a textbook example of a radiational freeze event. This means we will see temperatures fall to 32°or lower tonight. It is possible to see those freezing temperatures for 2 to 4 hours depending on where you live. The more rural communities will see the coldest temperatures and even could drop into the upper 20s.

Due to the threat of freezing temperatures the National Weather Service in Brownsville has issued a Freeze Warning across the majority of the Rio Grande Valley from 3am to 8am Christmas morning. It is important to remember the 4 Ps (pipes, pets, plants, and people).

You should make sure your pet has a place to stay warm tonight. Also, cover or take inside sensitive plants. As for pipes, you can be on the safe side and let them drip tonight tonight, but I don’t think we will see freezing temperatures to have significant pipe freezing issues. Lastly, remember space heater safety, you do NOT want to burn your house down on Christmas.

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