“Front Line Pay” for election workers hopes to draw in more to help

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CAMERON COUNTY, Texas – Cameron County Department of Election Voter Registration received “Front Line Pay” from the Center for Tech and Civic Life Grant to help draw more people to working the election sites.

Cameron County Election Administrator Remi Garza says he understands why election workers are nervous.

“This pandemic situation in our community and rightfully so people are hesitant to be work in an area where a lot of people are going to be in and out of a given space,” said Garza.

He says they received funds that can help them recruit people to help with the election.

“One of the grants that we applied for allowed us to add supplemental pay per hour to recruit and retain individuals to work for this election,” said Garza.

The money will go towards all election workers.

“The Commissioners Court authorized us to pay not only our extra help and our election office employees but anybody who is working at the polling sites during early voting and election day,” said Garza.

Yolai Mclane is an early voting supervisor. She says as many hands as possible will help to avoid delays at the polls.

“It’s been record-breaking yes the voter turnout so we need to make sure that we have all hands on deck and everyone is ready,” said Mclane.

She says the extra help is appreciated.

“We do have extra clerks now especially for the curbside before it was only 2 clerks for the curbside now we are able to have up to 6 to 7 clerks, so that speeds up the process because it is a longer vote, a longer ballot it takes a little bit longer for the voter,” said Mclane.

Garza says the delay should not happen if they do not see lines at the polls the last day.

“The unknown factor we have is the number of people who decide at the last minute to go vote, as long as we don’t have lines at the polls we should be able to get our votes out timely,” said Garza.

He also says they have seen an increase in people that applied and, depending on how the following days go, they might have to bring in more people than anticipated.  

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