Candidates and supporters try to win undecided voters outside polling location

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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — Some casted their ballot from their car, others stood in line on the first day of early voting. However, there were some who spent the day trying to get your attention one last time.   

“We normally are here when the polls open but it was too foggy to be here,” said Pete Bustinza, as he explained that he had been outside the polls since eight in the morning.  

Some of the campaign volunteers are retired and had time on their hands. 

Both volunteers and candidates were from the neighboring towns of Combes and Primera.  

Gloria Perez, a retired nurse, was there to support her sister-in-law. 

The rest of the people who stood across the parking lot from the Cameron County Harlingen Annex were those whose faces you see on the signs.  

“They asked me, I said yes, so I’m here,” said mayor candidate, Jorge Ledezma. 

“I’m the brave one to be here today,” said Olga Montez, who is running for alderman, as she endured the bugs and heat to show she was serious about keeping her position.  

“A lot of the people in the town do it for themselves not for the people,” said candidate for alderman, David Longoria as he explained why he was running.  

Many of the candidates there were calling for change. 

“I come back later, 35 years later, and nothings changed,” said alderman candidate Patricio Verde.  

However, some want things to continue as they are. 

“I think that my office is doing a tremendous job and we want to continue,” said Judge Salie Gonzalez as she explained why she was once again running for her position.  

All candidates and volunteers were there because they believe regardless of the outcome, voting is the way to decide. 

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