Pet of the Week: Five four-legged friends looking for a place to call home

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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — Looking to add a new member to the family, or know someone who is? This might be the sign you are looking for. Here are a few friends available for adoption at the Humane Society of Harlingen.

Get to meet them!

Butterfinger, M&M

  • 2 months old

Butterfinger and M&M are sweet little puppies who love to cuddle and wrestle with each other. They are siblings looking for a home where they can get into puppy mischief.


  • Female, 3 months old

Rosebud is a beautiful little puppy with the sweetest face. Whenever anyone passes by, she perks up and peeks over the edge of her puppy bin. Rosebud is looking for a home where she can peek out the windows and people watch. 


  • Male, 3-years-old

At 3 years old, Kuwait is our mature gentleman in the puppy room. Kuwait came to the shelter with mange and is currently being treated. He is doing well and is unbelievably friendly and affectionate! His compact size makes him a perpetual puppy with the maturity of an adult.


  • Male, 2 months old

This little chunky boy is ready to have a home where he can play and have fun all day. He is ready to receive all the love he deserves.

To adopt any of these pets, head over to the Humane Society of Harlingen. They are located on 1106 Markowsky Ave. or visit their website.

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