Weslaco police hope DNA testing solves 20-year-old murder case


Yolanda Moya killed

Weslaco police are reviewing a murder case that has gone cold.

Yolanda Moya was just 33 years-old when she was found shot under her chin and partially burned in her home located at the 800 block of South Louisiana Avenue in Weslaco.

Moya was always on time to work, but on January 22, 1993 she never showed up.

Her boss became worried and called her brother who met him at Moya TMs home.

When they entered, they found Moya on fire.

The body was half burned with one gunshot wound to her neck, Investigator Billy Pemelton said.

According to police, Moya was covered with gasoline and then lit on fire.

Police Chief Michael Kelley was there the morning Moya was found dead.

Out of all the cases that I TMve worked, this was the one that never made a lot of sense, he said.

We had a young lady in the prime of her life, single, she just moved into her own house she built and next thing you know this happens to her, he said.

Now, 20 years later, Pemelton, the son of the officer who gathered the original evidence in the case, is meticulously reviewing evidence hoping to crack the case.

It TMs always a challenge to solve a murder case when there TMs no witnesses. We always rely on DNA evidence and the public, Pemelton said.

Since 1993 technological advances including DNA testing have helped solve cold murder cases.

Granted we are talking about 20 years ago, but we got a hit on DNA on another case last year, Chief Kelley said.

Weslaco Police used DNA evidence to find Arturo Almaguer who is accused of murdering Evan and Wilda Squires in 1988.

Police are hoping DNA testing will also help solve Moya TMs case.

That way we can find a closure for the family and the officers that worked the case in the past, Chief Kelley said.

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