Throwback Thursday: Don Porfirio Diaz


BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO) — We’re gonna step back to the year 1872, and again, put South Texas on the world stage, in what appears as a ‘Gone with the Wind’ setting.

This particular house and another one were very important in Mexico’s revolution. The house and one other one in Brownsville were very important in the evolution of the reign of Don Porfirio Diaz, the emperor of Mexico.

He held that position for about 31 years and launched a lifelong career in the military and politics. Furthering on in his military career, Diaz made a name for himself and he was significant in the battle of Puebla and which happened on May 5, also known as ‘Cinco de Mayo.’

He put himself on the world stage for politics in Mexico because he was influential in the victory of Mexico over the French at that particular battle, the battle of Puebla.

From 1867 to 1871, he was unsuccessful to become president, so he retreated. And that’s what brought him to Brownsville in particular. In 1872, he was here in Brownsville, at a particular house that was owned by Indalecio Trevino.

The house is gone but the site is next to the Stillman house in Brownsville. He had a meeting there and called the people of Brownsville together. People that had the money arrived, which were the financiers, and he said, “I want to tell you that I’m going back into Mexico and I’m going to get possession of the presidency and I need your help.”

Don Porfirio carried out his maneuvers and landed the presidency of Mexico. He had the connections in the United States and Europe in order to do the financing of the building of Mexico.

One of the houses belonged to my great grandfather. He was at that original meeting next to the Stillman house in 1872 with his buddy Don Sebas Cavazos. They were among the investors that actually launched Don Porfirio’s movement from Brownsville off to Vera Cruz and on into Mexico City.

Can you imagine the wealth that was accumulated because they were working partners in this revolution?

Again, South Texas was on the stage of destiny. There were monumental players that strutted about in that scene. All that was done, affected what we live as today 

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