Standing water causes increase in mosquitos


HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — Rio Grande Valley residents know very well that when flooding happens, the mosquito problem worsens, making it an unpleasant experience.

Joshua Castelan, manager at Fox Pest Control, said residents should be proactive about removing standing water at one’s home.

“These puddles… they tend to be a breeding ground for mosquito activity,” he said.

According to Castelan, mosquitoes can be found anywhere However, there is a commonplace where residents should be on the lookout.

“Shaded areas that are underneath large trees tend to be hot spots for mosquitoes,” he said.

Additional locations are fountains, pet bowls and flower pots.

Although the mosquito problem is a never-ending cycle after a storm, Castelan encourages everyone to do their part to minimize it.

“If you are looking at where those puddles are, try to minimize that water or find ways to treat it,” he said.

According to Castelan, non-residential areas with flooding are normally taken care of by the city.

“The city is really good about sending the fogging trucks. The fogging trucks will do a whole lot to minimize activities in those regions,” he said.

While some may turn to seek professional help right away, Castelan encourages residents to do their part by being consistent to help minimize the mosquito-spread.

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