School districts helping students make up for absences


DONNA, Texas (KVEO) – As the school year winds down, teachers are trying to prevent kids from falling through the cracks and if they have a lot of absences, it’s an uphill climb. Donna Independent School District officials say they’re working with students and parents to make sure they catch up.

The Superintendent of Donna ISD, Hafedh Azaiez, says how the district is flexible with their students having ways to make up for absences because they don’t want them to fail. 

“It’s going to be harder to teach a year and a half work of curriculum in one year of something like that if they miss out,” said Dr. Azaiez. 

He also says some of the variety of ways students can make up for absences is by doing after-school programs online and in person. 

“We allow them to make up the time we do have after-school programs, after-school health tutorials, intervention if you will, we also on some of our campuses have it on Saturday,” said Dr. Azaiez.

However, there have been cases where the school district noticed students choosing not to engage in remote learning causing them to be absent. 

 “So, in some instances, we have to revoke remote learning for them and tell them you have to come on-site and be with our teachers so we can help you learn,” said Dr. Azaiez. 

Dr. Azaiez also says their campus has strict rules on policies regarding campus safety for when they welcome those students back. Adding, they have goals for their students to succeed while being in a safe environment. 

“We want them to at least be on grade level, if not above grade level if possible, in math, reading, or all. So, they continue their progress right away from high school,” said Dr. Azaiez. 

We did reach out to a number of other school districts and are waiting to hear back.

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