SAN JUAN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — San Juan officials have voted to dismiss police chief Ruben Morin.

His removal arises from a heated special meeting Monday at the San Juan Memorial Library.

“My strategic outlook in part of my operation was to do pay raises and your response to me was if you recall was ‘if you don’t like it you can leave’ so that showed me that the city leader did not care about the officers,” former Police Chief Ruben Morin said.

Morin was placed on a paid suspension Sept. 27 after a public executive session. Executive sessions are typically held privately, but Morin requested the session be public.

The session was held to discuss the results of a Texas Municipal Police Association Survey, as well as Morin’s performance within the department.

“But I want it on the record that I was never given specific examples about that survey and for you to put a lot of weight on that survey is unacceptable from you as leaders and you as a city manager,” Morin said.

Mayor Mario Garza said there was proof of understanding from Morin.

“For the record, there’s text messages from your phone giving them a thumbs up that you understood the survey,” Garza said.