HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) – According to AAA Texas the average price of gas in the Rio Grande Valley is $4.19 a gallon. But since Memorial Day is approaching AAA Texas is expecting nearly 3.2 Million travelers to hit the road to unofficially start the summer season.

But while many plan to travel during the summer, many drivers here in the RGV are hesitant as they are still feeling the impact of rising gas prices.

“A year ago I was paying maybe $1.50 a gallon or a dollar $1.60 a gallon, $50 to fill up the tank,” said Los Fresnos Resident Chris Escobar. “Now it’s $92 to fill up the tank.”  

“ I used to travel more often but now I do it just once in a while because the gas prices are too high,” said McAllen Resident Hector Vasquez. “ Now it takes like $40 before it was like $25 or $30 bucks.” 

But Triple AAA Texas is still expecting many people to travel over the summer despite the high gas prices.

“ It can change how far they travel, it can change what hotels or what their accommodations will be, ” said Daniel Armbruster, with AAA Texas. “It may be less expensive, they may not eat at expensive restaurants.”  

But these high gas prices are also having a big impact on local trucking companies. Texas Elite Hauling Services in Harlingen tells ValleyCentral it has taken an even bigger toll as it tries to fill up its 50 semi-trucks.

“It’s gone up, we were going from paying $15-$16,000 for a transport to paying $24- $25,000 dollars for a transport,” said Owner Joe Salinas. “We probably use close to 100 gallons per truck, so we go through it pretty quick.”  

AAA Texas is also encouraging people to plan ahead of their trips to find the best ways to save money. To find out how much gas you might spend in a trip you can visit the AAA Gas Calculator.