Hurricane season could impact construction timelines across the RGV


HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — The ongoing construction throughout the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) has many wondering if the potential weather will further impact traffic. 

Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) Public Information Officer Octavio Saenz said he understands construction impacts everyone’s commute but it is important for drivers to think of construction as a sign of growth and good infrastructure. 

According to Saenz, the construction site timelines for completion all depend on this year’s hurricane season.

Sanez said every time there is a project, there are a certain amount of workdays allowed to complete it.

“There’s also a caveat called weather days, for example, you offer 100 days to work on something, and then you have ten days of flooding, well you add ten more days to the contract,” he said.

Saenz reminds everyone there are detours available for residents if their commute is impacted by construction.

In addition to construction, Saenz said any debris on the road should be reported for safety measures.

According to Saenz, it is their job to make sure the roads are safe for all drivers. 

“If there’s something that is like right smack in the middle of the road, things that are not supposed to be on the road, I think we’ve all seen it because I’ve invaded mattresses and your local law enforcement,” he said.

Saenz said law enforcement communicates with TxDOT to notify any impacts happening on the road with debris. 

He encourages the public to stay informed with construction on website.

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