Harlingen abortion clinic to close down in 90 days


Dr. Lester Minto with Reproductive Services of Harlingen

A newly-signed state law is putting more restrictions on abortion clinics in Texas.

The law is forcing abortion facilities across the state to shut down, including one in Harlingen.

Gov. Rick Perry signed a bill into law on Thursday requiring abortion clinics to meet hospital-style health standards.

Reproductive Services of Harlingen owner Dr. Lester Minto said he TMll have to close his doors to women seeking abortions in the next 90 days.

Minto is complying with the new state law but is not happy about it.

I feel like the choice is up to women not some old white politician, Minto said.

Minto told Action 4 News that he feels the state is taking away a woman’s right to choose.

He said there many people have the wrong perception of clinics that perform the procedure.

“If more doctors would show the clinics, that it TMs not a butcher shop, Minto said. There nothing bad going on in here.”

Dr. Minto said the state inspects clinics like reproductive services.

But he worries that if facilities like his disappear, women wanting an abortion will turn to unsafe practices.

Action 4 News posed that that question to pro-choice protestors outside the clinic.

“These places are shutting down, pro-choice protestor Patricia Edwards said. I know people have this fear that people are going to turn to back alley abortions. Is that a concern? Well that’s where the Christians need to even more step up to the plate to offer more help for the moms and for their babies.”

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