Students pass UTRGV Referendum, athletic programs to expand


EDINBURG, Texas (Valley Central) — The student Referendum hosted by The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley’s Student Government Association has passed.

Referendum Voting Results (Source: UTRGV Student Government Association)

According to a press release by the Student Government Association, 60.46% of students who participated in the vote, were in favor of the $11.25 per credit hour Intercollegiate Athletics fee increase.

At a press conference held at UTRGV, the concern of affordability of this fee to the students was brought up. Dr. Guy Bailey, President of UTRGV, expressed that the university is very mindful of the financial needs of students and has started programs such as the Luminary Scholars program which gives students financial assistance for their educations.

The funds raised from this fee increase will be used to fund a football program, marching bands, women’s swimming and diving, and even an expansion of the university’s spirit programs.

The swimming, diving, and spirit programs are slated to begin in late 2024. While the football and marching programs are set for 2025.

“The timeline we feel good about. We feel good about the track that we’re on and what we presented throughout this process” Chasse Conque, Vice President and Athletic Coordinator, said at the conference. “The evolution in conferences and realignments right now. It’s incredible, but what I think it underscores and puts an emphasis on the role of what Division I football can do for an institution.”

In order to stay on track with the proposed timeline, The UT Board of Regents will need to approve the plan set by the referendum. The Board is set to meet early 2022.

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