Think you’ll miss football after Super Bowl? XFL a new alternative

The Big Game

MIAMI (NEXSTAR) — As the confetti falls on the newly crowned Super Bowl champions Sunday, so ends another year of NFL football. But fans of the hard-hitting sport won’t have to wait long to once again see tackles and touchdowns.

The XFL 2.0 is set to launch on the heels of Super Bowl 54. The league’s commissioner and CEO Oliver Luck, father of recently-retired NFL quarterback Andrew Luck, says that football will be alive and well after the Big Game is played.

“That normal feeling when people are despondent because there’s no more football, we aim to cure that,” he said. “We’re ready to roll. February 8-9 is our kickoff weekend. We’ve been at it for about two years. And we’re so excited.”

Oliver Luck

But can Vince McMahon, known as the leader in the world of sports entertainment, succeed where others, including himself, have failed?

“It was never about the interest in football or lack thereof, that’s always been there,” said XFL color commentator Joe Klatt, when asked if there is a market for more football. “The Alliance of American Football (AAF) had plenty of viewers. The problem with that league was the financial aspect of the league. The structure of the league from a business standpoint. You don’t have to worry about that with the XFL. Financially, it’s certainly backed. The business structure is very sound and the football structure is very sound.”

Joe Klatt

Along with the financial backing, the XFL will be rich in talent. The league will boast players with recent NFL experience.

“There’s so many good players that aren’t quite good enough for whatever reason to make a roster or stick on a roster,” Luck said.

Former NFL quarterbacks Cardale Jones, Landry Jones, and Aaron Murray will look to lead their respective teams to victory. The league also promises unprecedented access to the game.

“We’re going to have the play calls that the coaches give to the quarterback and the skill position players in their earpieces,” Klatt said. “We’re going to have access to that audio in real-time when it’s being called. I think it’s going to be something the fans engage with and really love.”

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