On the morning of Feb. 1, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady retired, in his own words, “for good.”

On May 22, Brady became a part-owner of the Raiders, a move that likely closed the door on any potential return to football due to league rules.

Yet still... rumors of Brady’s second comeback fly.

Monday Night Football color commentator and Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman was the latest to stoke them in an interview with TMZ Sports posted Tuesday morning.

“Maybe (he’d be) involved (with the Raiders) to the point where he’s actually suiting up,” Aikman said. “I don’t wanna speak for Tom. (But) I wouldn’t rule anything out. He obviously has a relationship with the head coach, he knows the offense, he’ll keep himself in great shape... I would bet that nothing’s off the table, as far as what may occur during the season, or what Tom’s role may be. I think he's done playing, but you just never know.”

The crucial obstacle to a potential Brady return—aside from the seven-time Super Bowl champion’s desire to suit up at the age of 45—would be an NFL bylaw that states no player can play while holding financial interest in a team without the consent of every owner in the league.

However, with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract reportedly on the rocks, it seems distinctly plausible that Las Vegas may have the appetite to at least float a potential return to Brady, regardless of the consequences.