Braves starting pitcher Spencer Strider was recently asked about his hottest baseball take, and his answer may not sit well with fans of the sport, largely because it involves removing fans from baseball games.

In an interview with MLB Fits, Strider boldly stated that his hottest baseball take is that “there should be no fans.”

“Absolutely, there should be no fans. 2020 season, no fans. Get rid of the fans,” said Strider. "It’s too loud. Everybody be quiet. We don’t need the cheering, we know you’re watching, I don’t need the fans.”

“Stay outside the stadium... back it up. Let’s do like a no lower bowl thing. Upper decks, great. Outfield, phenomenal. But we don’t need you around the bullpen. Just try to be quiet,” ranted Strider.

Strider, who was not in MLB during the 2020 season, indicated that the lack of fans in stadiums due to COVID-19 during the shortened campaign would be ideal for him.

The 24-year-old has previously stated that he’s “not a fan of the public as a whole” and seemed to back up that notion with his latest comments. 

After hearing his anti-fan hot take, MLB fans had plenty to say on social media.