The Bears have struggled mightily to begin the 2023 season, as Chicago currently sports an 0-3 record with a league-worst minus-59 point differential. But have no fear, one bar on the city’s North Side is trying to single-handedly increase morale along the shores of Lake Michigan.

The Claddagh Ring Pub in Chicago is guaranteeing that the Bears will defeat the Broncos on Sunday, going as far as to cover customers’ tabs if the Bears don’t come out victorious. They will also be serving free pizza at halftime, just adding to their attempt to bring positivity to the Bears fan base.

What makes this such a bold decision isn’t just that the Bears haven’t won a game this year, but that they’ve lost their last 13 games in a row dating to last season. The last time Chicago won a game was just under a year ago, when the Bears defeated the Patriots on Oct. 9, 2022, to improve their record to 3-4 last year.

This may be Chicago’s best chance at a win in some time, as the Bears play host to an 0-3 Broncos team that lost 70-20 last week in Miami. One way or another, this establishment should be busy as Bears fans either celebrate a win or drown their sorrows.

The offer comes weeks after a Milwaukee bar offered a similar promotion for Jets losses prior to Aaron Rodgers’s injury.