SILVER STAR NATION (FRISCO, TEXAS)— Sunday, October 1, 2023, the Dallas Cowboys will take on the New England Patriots with home-field advantage.

This matchup will be a sort of homecoming for Dallas as they are reintroduced to former Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliot. But today’s game will be bigger than a reunion for the Cowboys, in this game Dallas has to once again attempt to prove themselves.  

This cross-conference affair in Week 4 involves the (2-1) Dallas and a (1-2) Patriots squad. The Cowboys look to bounce back in front of familiar faces at AT&T Stadium after a frustrating loss last week to Arizona.

“The first key is run stoppers chances are the Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will want to run the football against the Cowboys to shorten the game,” Spagnola said. “He doesn’t want to get in a shootout and he’s well aware the Cowboys gave up 222 yards last Sunday in the loss to the Arizona Cardinals.”

Spagnola explained that the second key would consist of busting “The Twilight Zone” a nickname Spagnola uses for the red zone.

“The third key is don’t get Zeke, the last thing the Cowboys need is for their released running back Ezekiel Elliott to come back and have a big homecoming day against his former teammates,” Spagnola said.

” They better buckle their chinstrap because Zeke’s coming downhill for the Silver Star Nation.’