Cowboys down…but not out

Silver Star Nation

And 15 games into the Dallas Cowboys season and the frustration continues…the Cowboys came to Philadelphia with a chance to clinch the NFC East title if they beat the Eagles…and they couldn’t do it …really didn’t come close to doing it …losing 17 – 9 to the Eagles…dropping to 7 and 8 now they’re in a tough situation because they need to beat the Redskins next week in the final game of the season and they’ll need the Giants to beat the Eagles and the Cowboys could clinch the NFC East.

But in this NFL when you’re relying on someone else to help you out …chances are you’re not going to get that help.

Now the Cowboys came into this game knowing that Dak Prescott did not practice all week suffering that sprained AC Joint in his right shoulder.  He threw the ball OK, but I think what happened in this game is that not practicing all week had him off.  And the Philadelphia Eagles made this bet…they said Ezekiel Elliott is not going to beat us once again.  They jammed the line of scrimmage had 8 guys in the box played the Cowboys wide receivers man-to-man said if you’re going to beat us you’re going to have to beat us in the passing game and the Cowboys couldn’t do it.  Six dropped passes…Dak missed some open receivers and now the Cowboys go home and  figure out how to beat the Redskins on next Sunday. For the Silver Star Nation ….I’m Mikey Spagnola

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