FRISCO, TEXAS (KFDX/KJTL)— As preseason wraps up so does camp for the Dallas Cowboys.

The team had a focus on two things two guys coming off of offseason surgeries that they had to get back. One was Tony Pollard. One was Terrence Steele. Spagnola said Tony Pollard is really running like he was before he fractured the bone in his leg and had ankle problems.

He’s got the speed and he also has the ability to cut the other guy that I think people were taken for granted. Was offensive tackle Terrence Steele. He tore his ACL and he sure looks good. Mike McCarthy will tell you that.

“I’ll just say this about Terence. It’s amazing. I mean, he’s intact. You know, he talked, you know, the surgery and the rehab, just like you knew he would. But, you know, he hasn’t had any setbacks,” Mike Mccarthy said.

“I mean, he has missed anything that he wasn’t scheduled to do so I think that’s incredible coming off of a you know, off of a major joint injury. So he’s done a fantastic job of just in the opportunity that’s been in front of us as far as the availability. So, I mean, he looks good. So I’m extremely impressed with his camp,” Mccarthy added.