Round 1: Senior Sports Spectacular


16 athletes. One competition.


Lower Valley Track:


Lora Galvan, Port Isabel | Daryin Jones, Brownsville Pace

The Dizzy race is a challenge unlike any other. Galvan and Jones went head-to-head in a best-of-three matchup featuring five spins and forty-yards of head-spinning mayhem.

Daryin got off to an early start with a come from behind win in the first sprint. Galvan would respond with a big second-round win to force a third and final sprint. Despite a slow start, Daryin passed Lora with one final effort to punch his ticket to the next round.

Winner: Daryin Jones, Bronwsville Pace

Lower Valley Soccer:


Marina Rios, Brownsville Porter | Albert Maradiaga, Bronwsville Veterans

The game is simple. Marina and Albert have two rounds to see how many times they can juggle a basketball.

That’s right… A basketball.

Albert got off to a strong start, managing the heavier ball with class to put up a strong score of 22 juggles on his first attempt. Marina didn’t fair quite as well. Despite being an all-metro defender for the district-champion Porter Cowgirls, Marina struggled to handle the different dimensions of the basketball, managing just three juggles in both her first and second attempts. Albert’s 22 juggles would prove to be enough to propel him in to the second round of competition.

Winner: Albert Maradiaga, Brownsville Veterans

Lower Valley Baseball/Softball:


D.D. Guerrero, Brownsville Hanna | Cristian Holloway, Brownsville Veterans

Hitting a baseball or softball is hard enough. Making contact when you can’t see straight is a completely different ball game.

Three rounds. Three toss-ups per round. Five spins per round. Nine total points up for grabs.

D.D. wasted no time, fighting off the dizziness to go for a perfect three-for-three in her first attempt. Cristian had a much more prevalent battle with “the spins,” managing just two hits in the first round. With a one hit lead, D.D. kept her perfect streak alive, hitting a perfect three out of three to increase her point total to six. Once again, Cristian struggled out of his spin, managing just one hit in the second round (and almost falling over in the process). With a 6-3 lead, D.D. needed just one hit to claim victory. Like she did all competition, D.D. impressed with yet another perfect round, earning a perfect score of nine for the day and a spot in the next round.

Winner: D.D. Guerrero, Brownsville Hanna

Lower Valley Basketball:


Ricky Altamirano, Los Fresnos | Elizabeth Garza, Brownsville Veterans

There is nothing quite like a game of H-O-R-S-E. Only this time, our competitors will look to spell out R-G-V.

Ricky used his creativity to jump out to an early lead. The Falcon’s sky-hook layup from the right side kicked things off. Lizzy gave it her best effort, but still came up short, earning her an “R” early in the competition. Ricky’s nifty no-look shot from the free throw line put Lizzy in an even deeper whole with an “R-G” to her name. Despite being down, Lizzy went to her sweet spot, putting in a mid-range jump shot off the backboard. Ricky couldn’t match, narrowing the lead to just one. Another Lizzy jump shot off the backboard was met with another miss from Ricky, tying the game at “R-G” with just one letter to go. With no hesitation, Lizzy went back to her favorite shot, hitting yet another bank shot. Despite a clean-looking jumper, Ricky came up short on his third bank shot, earning him an R-G-V and a first-round exit. Lizzy mounted the comeback, punching her ticket into the next round.

Winner: Elizabeth Garza, Brownsville Veterans

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