The Dirty Work: A Falcon’s life on and off the court

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A Falcon from the Farm

BROWNSVILLE (KVEO) – Every basketball team needs one player to do the dirty work.

The Los Fresnos Falcons have theirs.

“I feel like my game is more about rebounding and giving my team extra possessions,” Junior Forward Roger Capetillo explained. “Yeah, I would say I do the dirty work.”

Capetillo’s efforts have helped propel the Falcons to an undefeated start to the district season.

Few are willing to put in the work Capetillo exhibits on the court. To the junior forward, however, the tasks in game pale in comparison to his work at home.

“I’ve been riding horses and doing all this [work] with animals since I was a kid,” Capetillo said. “This is just a getaway place for me.”

Capetillo shares land with a couple horses, a handful of cows and plenty of chickens.

The work to maintain his family farm is difficult, but his efforts do translate well to the basketball court.

“You have to be responsible for feeding the animals and taking care of them with food and water,” Capetillo said. “One the court, I know I have a job to do, too.”

Both tasks require plenty of energy. Despite the incredible effort Capetillo exudes on the court, he’d prefer to defend a 6-foot-5 center in the paint over feeding a handful of hungry farm animals any day of the week.

“Farm work just takes more time,” Capetillo said with a smile. “And more effort, I guess.”

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