More Than An Athlete: Matthew Worthington

More Than an Athlete

SHARYLAND (KVEO) — Sharyland High School Senior Matthew Worthington has known for quite a while what he wants to pursue after he walks across the stage for graduation on May 26.

“You really want to start your late sophomore year, early your junior year,” Worthington began to explain. “Because there’s a lot of applications you have to answer, a lot of essays you have to write, and that’s all just to get a nomination from a congressman, and even then, you’re not guaranteed a spot.”

This is all just the beginning of obtaining an appointment with the United States Military Academy West Point and the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

“My dad was in the army, and thinking for colleges, it’s just always a school he’d bring up. The big Army vs. Navy [football] game, we always watched it on TV, and he always said it would be super cool if I went there because I always showed interest in serving in the military,” said Worthington.

Worthington has worked hard during his time as a Sharyland High School student-athlete to fill his resume. He was a part of the wrestling team for three years, and the football team for four years. He also is a part of the debate team and secretary of the student council.

“I for sure tried to maintain and not quit any extracurriculars I did, so I could keep them on my resume for West Point,” said Worthington. “But, it just happened to be that I very much enjoyed doing a variety of extracurriculars.”

All of this leading up to Worthington’s senior year, when it was time to decide on where he would spend his next four years, and ultimately, what branch of the United States Military he would serve in.

“I applied to Annapolis and West Point,” said Worthington. “And, I ended up going with West Point because I felt like between the two I felt like [with] the career paths I’m considering I’d have more opportunities at West Point.”

Just one month after his high school graduation, on June 26th, Worthington will officially hang up his Rattler helmet and headgear and change into his “Army Greens.”

“I can research all I want I can ask all I want I still have very little to know how I’ll feel once I get there but I believe by rounding myself out academically and physically I have prepared myself the best I can, and I think that’s just what you have to do.”

Worthington will enter West Point this June to study psychology, and begin boot camp for six weeks. Then he will become a cadet for his freshman and sophomore years. In his junior year, he will become an officer and begins serving in the United States Army.

After his junior and senior year at West Point, he will continue to serve in the Army for five years, and finish with three years in the reserves.

After his service, he hopes to find a psychology position in the FBI, or become a lawyer for the Army.

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