More Than An Athlete: Fernie Morales

More Than an Athlete

SHARYLAND (KVEO) – Fernie Morales is your typical junior in high school. He attends Pioneer High School and plays outfield for the Diamondbacks. He’s always been focused on academics and baseball. That was until his family took a giant leap on following a dream.

“A couple months back my parents got the idea to start up a food truck and they’ve had this idea for a while,” said Morales. “I guess we sort of took a risk and ran with the idea to see how far we could make it and how successful we could become.”

A dream that began from his parents’ love for fish tacos, turned into Baja Fish Tacos in McAllen. A big risk that has resulted in reward, says Morales.

“So far it’s panning out very good, we have friends and family that come every weekend and business is doing really well right now.”

From stocking supplies, to taking orders, he’s learned to do it all.

“Every day I’d come straight from practice, shower up, and hit the road to work I’d bring my laptop to finish homework,” said Morales.

In just five months, he’s helped his family turn their dream into reality. While serving as a learning tool along the way.

“Definitely my social skills. I have to talk to people every day and it’s definitely helped me improve them. I can’t be shy or else I’m not gonna make any money,” said Morales. “Another thing is cooperation. You have to get along with people and work under pressure. If not, things are just not gonna go the way you want them to.”

Fernie’s love for baseball hasn’t wavered, he’s just added a new one.

“For most people, sports can only take you so far, even though it’s fun and you love it, being with the guys and all that. Eventually, you’re gonna have to grow up and do your part in the real world, and if you go in raw with no skills or any experience there’s a good chance you’re not gonna make it very far, and with this learning experience, it’s definitely gonna help me in the long run.”

Morales’ family food truck, Baja Fish Tacos, is open every Thursday-Sunday from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the McAllen Food Park.

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