HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — There’s an interesting reaction from other teams when Memorial Middle School’s number 11 takes the field.

“You know they expect, she’s a girl she can’t tackle,” says Brie Posada, seventh grade running back and linebacker for the Raiders. “Or she’s a girl. She’s not going to get the ball.”

Pretty soon, they learn.

“She had made it very clear to everyone that she wanted to play,” says Eric Posada, Brie’s uncle and coach for the Raiders. “Her brother played, she wanted to play. I coached them, she asked me to help get her in shape, that way she could be ready for when it was time to try out for middle school, we tried to discourage her, and she decided it wasn’t going to happen, she was going to do it regardless.”

Brie hopes to break barriers for other girls who might want to play football as well.

“I hope to inspire many other girls,” said Brie. “I’ve gone to other games and I’ve seen girls that say ‘oh my God I want to do that, I want to play football’.”

As for her teammates, they accept her as one of their own.

“They make me feel like I’m their sister,” she said.

“The two girls that are on this team, are pretty much the heart of this team,” said Coach Posada. “They are actually the motivators, the boys actually follow their lead. It was actually the boys who made them the captains this season.”