Two Vaqueros win gold at day 2 of WAC outdoor track and field championships

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RIO GRANDE VALLEY – Postbaccalaureate student Idatonye Cheetman-West won the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Championships in the long jump and graduate student Paul May won the WAC Championship in the shot put to lead The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) track & field teams during day two of the WAC Championships on Friday at the UTRGV Soccer and Track & Field Complex.

UTRGV swept the podium in the women’s long jump, as Cheetham-West, junior Zarrey Sams, and graduate student Aviana Goode finished with marks of 6.22 meters, the fourth-best in program history, 6.04 meters, and 5.91 meters, respectively.

Maytook gold in the men’s shot put with a throw of 18.09 meters, tying the program record he set earlier this season. Graduate student and Mission alum Michael Gonzalez earned the bronze with a throw of 16.61 meters, the sixth-best in program history.

In the women’s shot put, junior Alexandrea Hurst took silver with a throw of 15.68 meters, the third-best in program history. Graduate student Desirea Buerge earned the bronze by uncorking a 14.75-meter throw.

The decathlon squad had a record-setting day as graduate student Palmview alum Anthony Magallon finished with 6,298 points, the second-most in program history. Freshman Mission Veterans alum Alex Galvan won the discus with a 36.23-meter throw en route to 5,922 points, the third-best in program history. Sophomore La Feria alum Julian Trevino finished with 5,894 points, the fourth-most in program history, which included a javelin throw of 54.22 meters, the fourth-best in program history. Freshman PSJA alum Marco Guarjardo ended with 5,740 points, the fifth most in program history.

Sophomore Uxia Pereira recorded the third-best heptathlon point total in program history with 4,343. She also ran a time of 1:06.07 to qualify for the 400-meter hurdles final.

Sophomore Tamara Woodley won her 200-meter dash heat by setting a new program record of 23.73 to qualify for Saturday’s final. She was also the top qualifier in the 400-meter dash with a time of 54.71, the eighth-best in program history. Joining Woodley in the 400-meter dash finals are freshman Josefine Eriksen, who recorded a time of 57.39, and sophomore Diamond Lilly, who finished with a time of 57.97.

Freshman Jermarrion Stewart was the top qualifier in the 200-meter dash with a time of 21.24, the third-best time in program history. Graduate student Juarez-Lincoln alum Yariel Matute placed second with a time of 21.41, the sixth-best time in program history.

Matute also posted the second fastest qualifying time in the 400-meter dash at 48.61.

Sophomore Yashawn Hamilton led the way in the 100-meter dash qualifiers with a time of 10.61, the third-best in program history. Stewart is joining Hamilton in the finals after running in a time of 10.72.

Graduate student La Joya alum Ricardo Mendoza was the top qualifier in the 800-meter run with a time of 1:54.08. Junior Brownsville Veterans alum Max Carmona and junior Edinburg North alum Tristian Pena also qualified for the final with times of 1:55.66 and 1:55.71, respectively.

In the women’s 100-meter hurdles, Goodeand Samsqualified for the finals with times of 14.22, the sixth-best time in program history, and 14.40, the ninth-best time in program history, respectively.

Sams also qualified in the 100-meter dash by running a 12.21. She will be joined by sophomore Mystique Brown,who ran a 12.14.

Junior Harlingen alum Roel Renteria qualified for the 110-meter hurdles final with a time of 15.09.

Graduate students Wes Franklin and Renteria qualified for the 400-meter dash finals with times of 53.67 and 54.40, respectively.

The UTRGV men’s team is in third with 62 points. Grand Canyon leads with 121. The UTRGV women’s team improved to third with 51 points. Grand Canyon leads with 105.5 points.

Action resumes on Saturday with field events at 12 p.m. and track events at 5. Due to a combination of limited space and COVID-19 protocols as voted upon by the WAC Medical Advisory Committee, fans will be unable to attend the events in person. Fans can watch field events through the WAC Facebook Page and track events on ESPN+ in the United States and the WAC Digital Network internationally.

Team Standings


1. Grand Canyon, 121 points

2. Utah Valley, 74 points

3. UTRGV, 62 points

4. California Baptist, 35 points

5. Tarleton, 19 points

T-6. Chicago State, 0 points

T-6. Seattle U, 0 points


1. Grand Canyon, 105.5 points

2. New Mexico State, 61.5 points

3. UTRGV, 51 points

4. Utah Valley, 42 points

5. California Baptist, 24 point

6.Tarleton, 15 points

7. Seattle U, 13 points

T-8. Chicago State, 0 points

T-8. Dixie State, 0 points

UTRGV Results



5. Anthony Magallon, 6298 points (4 points)

•Second-best in program history

8. Alex Galvan 5922 points (1 point)

•Third-best in program history

9. Julian Trevino, 5894 points

•Fourth-best in program history

11. Marco Guajardo, 5740 points

•Fifth-best in program history

110-Meter Hurdles

3. Anthony Magallon, 15.49

10. Alex Galvan, 16.67

12. Marco Guajardo, 17.29

13. Julian Trevino, 17.91


1. Alex Galvan, 36.23m

4. Marco Guajardo, 34.02m

7. Anthony Magallon, 33.13m

9. Julian Trevino, 31.95m

Pole Vault

6. Anthony Magallon, 3.90m

9. Marco Guajardo, 3.60

11. Julian Trevino, 3.40m

13. Alex Galvan, 3.20m


1. Julian Trevino, 54.22m

•Fourth best in program history

3. Marco Guajardo, 46.82m

12. Alex Galvan, 36.84m

14. Anthony Magallon, 29.78m

1,500-Meter Run

5. Julian Trevino, 5:00.27

7. Anthony Magallon, 5:00.89

12. Alex Galvan, 5:19.93

13. Marco Guajardo, 5:21.81


9. Uxia Pereira, 4343 points

•Third-best in program history

Long Jump

8. Uxia Pereira, 5.00m


8. Uxia Pereira, 24.95m

800-Meter Run

10. Uxia Pereira, 2:36.09


Men’s Long Jump

4. Harry Barthelemy, 7.16m (5 points)

10. Yashawn Hamilton, 6.66m

11. Baffour Kyem, 6.49m

Women’s Shot Put

2. Alexandrea Hurst, 15.68m (8 points)

•Third-best in program history

3. Desirea Buerge, 14.75m (6 points)

9. Brittany Cantu, 12.80m

13. Esmeralda Ruiz, 10.96m

15. Hailey Wallet, 10.56m

Women’s Long Jump

1. Idatonye Cheetham-West, 6.22m (10 points)

•Fourth-best in program history

2. Zarrey Sams, 6.04m (8 points)

•Ties for ninth-best in program history

3. Aviana Goode, 5.91m (6 points)

Women’s Pole Vault

7. Karla (Izzy) Garza, 3.21m (2 points)

•Third best in program history

10. Ashley Janet Gonzalez, 3.06m

Men’s Shot Put

1. Paul May, 18.09m (10 points)

•Ties program record

3. Michael Gonzalez, 16.81m (6 points)

•Sixth-best in program history

5. Michael Campbell, 16.15m (4 points)

6. Ricky Espinoza, 15.61m (3 points)

10. Aaron Williams, 14.74m

11. Christian Hall-Gardner, 14.63m


Women’s 100-Meter Hurdles

5. Aviana Goode, 14.22q

•Tied for sixth-best in program history

6. Zarrey Sams, 14.40q

•Ninth-best in program history

10. Uxia Pereira, 14.72

Men’s 110-Meter Hurdles

8. Roel Renteria, 15.09q

9. Wes Franklin, 15.13

Women’s 400-Meter Dash

1. Tamara Woodley, 54.71Q

•Eight-best in program history

5. Josefine Eriksen, 57.39q

7. Diamond Lilly, 57.97,q

16. Devon Goodwin, 1:02.54

Men’s 400-Meter Dash

2. Yariel Matute, 48.61Q

11. Jorge Salazar, 49.88

Women’s 100-Meter Dash

4. Zarrey Sams, 12.21Q

8. Mystique Brown, 12.14q

11. Mikayla Roell, 12.37

Men’s 100-Meter Dash

1. Yashawn Hamilton, 10.61Q

•Third-best in program history

6. Jermarrion Stewart, 10.72q

Women’s 800-Meter Run

14. Estrella Medellin, 2:25.02

15. Aaliyah Garza, 2:25.18

16. Ana Hernandez, 2:25.87

Men’s 800-Meter Run

1. Ricardo Mendoza, 1:54.08Q

2. Max Carmona, 1:55.66Q

5. Tristian Pena, 1:55.71Q

13. Miguel Escamilla, 1:57.57

Women’s 400-Meter Hurdles

8. Uxia Pereira, 1:06.07q

11. Lisa Sanchez, 1:10.38

Men’s 400-Meter Hurdles

3. Wes Franklin, 53.67q

4. Roel Renteria, 54.50q

Women’s 200-Meter Dash

1. Tamara Woodley, 23.72Q

•Program record

11. Mystique Brown, 24.95

19. Josefine Eriksen, 25.60

27. Mikayla Roell, 26.56

Men’s 200-Meter Dash

1. Jermarrion Stewart, 21.24Q

•Third-best in program history

2. Yariel Matute, 21.41Q

•Sixth-best in program history

Men’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase

10. Edward Ramos, 10:21.68

8. Ricardo Garcia, 9:56.87

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