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Then there were four.

From sixteen to four, the Senior Sports Spectacular has been nothing short of ridiculous entertainment.


With just two rounds left to go, each of the four athletes faced their toughest test yet with a semi-final circuit race comprised of each of their respective sports. All four competitors had one attempt to put up a good time. The two athletes with the fastest times were awarded spots in the finals.

The race began with a quick sprint to the laundry sack. Once players managed to slip in the big bag, a 20-yard hop would take them to the soccer portion of the race.

Once a racer kicked the ball into the back of the net, a quick dizzy-bat session awaited them. Players needed to make contact on two toss ups to advance to the basketball toss. Once a shot was made from the spot, the athletes sprinted to the finish line to complete their run.


First up was D.D. Guerrero of Brownsville Hanna High School. D.D. earned her spot in the final four thanks, in part, to a forfeit, but she quickly showed why she belonged. Making quick work of the sprint and hop portions of the heat, D.D. impressed with great dribbling skills despite not playing soccer… ever.

Once she made it to the baseball/softball portion, D.D. showed why she is one of the valley’s top softball athletes yet again. Despite a quick stumble with the basketball toss, D.D. raced home for a competitive 1:04 time.

Next up was Brownsville Veterans soccer star Albert Maradiaga. Albert’s performance was top notch, showing his speed and quickness right off the blocks. Despite shining in the soccer portion of the race, perhaps Albert’s most impressive showing was his skill with the baseball bat, going two for two despite significant diziness.

After a quick stint at the basketball toss, Albert raced home for an impressive 0:49 time, the best of the round.

Weslaco Basketball Player Joshua Rodriguez needed to best a 1:04 time to give himself a shot at reaching the finals. The task would prove daunting.

Despite flying through the sprints, hops, dribbles and swings, Joshua hit a brick wall on, believe it or not, the basketball toss.

Joshua failed to gauge the distance, missing his first four shots. Once the fifth shot fell, Joshua raced to the finish line, but it was too late.

The Panther posted a 1:48 time, eliminating him from final contention.

At last, it was up to McAllen Baseball Standout Aaron Nixon to prove his worth. With D.D. and Albert set to compete for the final, Aaron needed a great time to compete another day.

Right off the blocks, Aaron impressed with speed and determination. Despite a short stumble with the soccer ball, Aaron arrived the dizzy bat in great time.

His first swing went well, but Aaron just managed to make contact on his second attempt to move on to the basket toss.

With his first attempt sailing long, Aaron stretched to make for an easier second attempt. Once the second shot went in, Aaron sprinted home to post a final-round-clinching 0:54 time.

Aaron Nixon and Albert Maradiaga will compete for the Senior Sports Spectacular Championship next Friday, June 12, on CBS 4 at 10.

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