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BROWNSVILLE (KVEO) – When Lucky Edge takes the field or the court, luck is rarely a part of the equation.

In his senior season, Edge helped lead the Bloodhound football team to a second-round playoff appearance.

On the basketball court, Edge averaged nearly 15 points per game, helping to lead the Bloodhound basketball team to a second-round-playoff appearance as well.

He did stumble upon one thread of luck, however, when he received one request.

“Hey we need some shirts.”

The women behind the request were Helena and Giselle Sampayo, Brownsville natives and close family friends with Edge. The sisters had an idea.

“So what I did was I literally gave them fifty shirts,” Edge said. “Some of my dad’s too.”

The idea was simple: Sustainability, but make it fashion.

The result? Split Shirt.

“So what split shirt is essentially is an upcycling fashion line,” Edge explained. “They literally hand stitch them together themselves. That’s what they do with this one. That’s what they do with the rest and they’ve been a huge hit.”

Aside from providing old t-shirts, Edge provided a pop-up shop space in Downtown Brownsville to host an event for the growing small business.

Helena Sampayo recalled the humbling support she received from her hometown friends and family.

“The valley has been so supportive of Split Shirt and our mission to drive sustainable fashion,” Helena Sampayo said via text messenger. “We are just so grateful for brand ambassadors like Lucky and the Edge family, who are constantly spreading the word and making it possible for small businesses like ours to thrive.”

Helena, a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, and Giselle, a rising junior at UT, are committed to their brand from production to packaging. Though work is done primarily in Austin, Helena and Giselle use digital resources like Instagram and their Split Shirt website to extend their reach.

Their efforts have not been ignored.

The Sampayo sisters were recognized as the University of Texas at Austin Kendra Scott Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institutes Featured Female Founders for July. The organization seeks to “strengthen the next generation of courageous, creative female leaders who will change the world,” according to its website.

Edge is committed to providing his support wherever he can. Next fall, Edge will attend the University of Mississippi to pursue a degree in Journalism and New Media.

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