More Than An Athlete: Pioneer’s Victoria Ramos

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MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Sharyland Pioneer dual-sport athlete Victoria Ramos has dedicated her life to her passions.

“I started cheering in elementary like fifth grade but I was dancing first for a very long time”

Until the COVID-19 pandemic surprised her with a new way to express herself when she couldn’t do so on the track.
“When I first made TikTok’s I was more into the dancing side of Tik Tok’s and I would make dancing videos. Then I would see all these funny people and I’d be like oh my God like they’re so funny.”

Victoria found a new passion for making people laugh through the social media video creation platform, TikTok.

“It didn’t go viral that same day but the next night I saw that it was getting 100K views and I was getting a bunch of followers and I was like ‘what the heck?’ So after that, I just started posting a bunch more videos”

What she initially thought was a fun way to stay busy while forced to be away from friends and sports, turned into an outlet for her.

“Like, I lost a lot of my friends during the pandemic just because we would stop talking because we would talk all the time at school and stuff. So I just resorted to talking to my phone and then there’s so many people there that love talking to me and I’m like ‘oh my god I have so many new friends.'”

Not only did it spark new friendships, but she’s found comfort in being her true, authentic self.

“People are like ‘oh my god I love your voice’ but people in person were always like ‘you have such a deep voice’ so I was always very insecure about it. But everyone has been saying ‘oh my god your voice is so perfect like it’s so awesome I love it I love listening to your voice’ and so, I’ve grown a lot more confident with that.”

With a new viral video every time she logs in, she’s become internet famous. But what she gets out of it, it so much more than that.

“I’m like wow I didn’t even know I made such a big impact on people’s lives but I do so that really makes me feel good because I’m like I’m just being myself and I’m making other people happy while being myself.”

After Victoria graduates, she hopes to cheer at the collegiate level for UTSA and continue content creation on TikTok, building friendships and making people laugh.

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