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The future of RGV golf is bright with 10-year old Pepe on the tee

Pepe Barrera wrapped up a nine-hole round at Shary Golf Course with a 38 on the scorecard.

He’s 10 years old.

Among 10 year olds, Pepe is the top-ranked golfer in the South Texas PGA. If you asked him why he got into the sport three short years ago, his answer was pretty simple.

“It looked fun,” Pepe said.

His coach, Artie Solis, has had a good time coaching the young golfer.

“It’s like a light switch turns on and he goes from zero to focused,” Solis said. “It’s what separates him from the other golfers.”

Like most golfers, Pepe has his eye on the world’s best as they compete in the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs. With dreams to compete at the top level one day, Pepe keeps a close eye on his favorite golfer of them all.

“Tiger Woods.”

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