Edinburg student-athlete invited to compete at Strongman Teen Nationals

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EDINBURG, Texas (KVEO) — Ruben Trevino is a hard-working upcoming sophomore in high school.

During his freshman year at Edinburg High School, he was class president, a member of the band, and a JV cheerleader for the Bobcats.

“I was a JV cheerleader at EHS which was one of my biggest dreams, I did it with one of my best friends. It was the biggest goal we ever had,” said Treviño.

Treviño already has his hand in a little bit of everything. So, when he was volunteering at a Strongman event, he figured he could add one more extracurricular to his resume.

Treviño saw a familiar face at the event in Eli Armenta. Armenta has a son who’s just one year older than Ruben, and often helped coach their youth sports teams.

“Two years ago I had seen his strength camp and I had texted [Armenta] like ‘hey I’m interested in this can I do this?'”

When Ruben asked him if he could get into weightlifting, Armenta welcomed him with open arms to Alpha Fit where he trains athletes of all levels.

Armenta has been lifting weights for years, and recently got into the competeting.

“I found Strongman about five years ago. I had my first competition out of a CrossFit gym that I had there at Alpha Fit when we used to be on 107, and ever since then I just fell in love with this sport,” said Armenta.

Ruben thought that training at Alpha Fit could help him with tumbling and stunting in cheerleading and ultimately, create opportunities for him at the college level.

“I love cheer with so much passion and I heard weight lifting and conditioning training would help me a lot in it,” said Trevino smiling. “I wanted a scholarship in cheer and I went for it 100% started training. [Then], three to four months in I saw the stones, I saw the kegs, I saw the axel and all these different things. It kicked off, I wanted to do it so much.”

By training five to six days a week for the last year, Ruben has already claimed state records and is quickly catching up to his coach.

“His state record in the Conan’s wheel is 550, my state record in the Conan’s wheel is 580, mind you, so that is crazy scary,” said Armenta. “I actually earned a state record this year at 515 pounds, his is 400, he’s right behind me.”

Ruben competed at South Texas Strongest and won first place. That first place also earned him an invitation to the Strongman Teen Nationals Competition in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on August 14.

“I’m going to be competing for a national title which will be insane,” said Treviño. “Some little kid from Edinburg, from the Valley. Going and representing everyone, not only the Valley but Edinburg and this small gym that no one really knows about, this sport that no one really knows about, like it’s crazy.”

Armenta has competed in Strongman Nationals himself, but this will be the first athlete he is coaching at a Strongman National Competition.

“I’m really excited for this because this gives the world a chance to see that we’re strong down here in South Texas,” said Armenta. “Not just in straight sports but just for kids in general and for college. My goal is to help him achieve any kind of dream he wants and now he has a chance to go become a national champion, a chance that most people don’t really get in life.”

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