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Brownsville native competes as one of the top competitive shooters in the world

Anasofia Montemayor has a shot that would put John Wayne to shame.

Just four years ago, Montemayor began her competitive-shooting career. Her coach, Mel Rodero, would tell you she was a natural from the beginning.

“She got the fundamentals correctly, she paid attention, she worked hard and has become what she has become– a monster,” Rodero said laughing.

Montemayor’s hard work led to multiple accomplishments, including three national championships at the SASP Collegiate Nationals this year. The competition featured athletes within a particular age range, but Montemayor has shined in a different competition as well.

“Well last year I competed at world’s and got fourth place,” Monetmayor said.

The World Championship Steel Challenge competition is a speed shooting tournament featuring all ages, allowing for the best talent to compete against eachother head-to-head.

“You have to be fast but you have to actually control yourself, because if you’re fast you can miss some shots,” Montemayor said on the difficulty of the sport. “So you have to know how to be fast and control yourself with the gun.”

Montemayor hopes to strike the perfect balance of speed and accuracy when she competes in this year’s World Championship Steel Challenge competition in September.

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