HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A study ranked the Dallas Cowboys as having the most loyal fans in the NFL.

The study, which was conducted by SmartBettingGuide.com, ranked the Cowboys fanbase as the most loyal, followed by the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.

To form the ranking, the bookmaker review site analyzed eight metrics, including social media followers, engagement, average likes, home and away attendances and average money spent on merchandise.

The research showed that the Cowboys have both the highest average total attendance (82,915) and highest average home attendance (93,465). Additionally, the study showed that Cowboys fans are some of the biggest spenders, spending an average of $189.76 on merchandise, and $112.27 on food and drinks inside the stadium.

“This shows fans willing to not just turn up in droves to support their team at games, but also wanting to represent their team by wearing their merchandise,” a news release states.