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DHR Health Athlete of the Week - Kristopher Nava

As an assistant coach at Saint Joseph Academy, Kristopher Nava is used to putting in work from the sidelines.

So, when COVID-19 sidelined sports, Coach Nava did what he does best.

He got to work.

“It all happened when I was shopping at a Walmart,” Nava said. “It started with me seeing a lady wearing a face shield…and I thought, ‘that’s pretty cool, but I wish I could put it on with a hat.'”

One week later, Coach Nava had his first “Kap Shield” prototype.

“I had the courage to get a piece of plastic, cut it and it came out to be [the first] face shield,” Nava said.”[My colleague and I] began cutting it, going back to the drawing board, cutting it and finding different ways of making it until it came to this.”

The shields are designed with a strong, flexible plastic. The design ensures the mask follows CDC guidelines, recommending face shields cover the sides of the face and underneath the chin.

With a final product in hand, Coach Nava plans on selling the product at five dollars per sale, but his end goal is clear.

“I live by a hospital and I see people outside praying for their loved ones and it’s sad.” Nava admitted. “Hopefully this provides extra protection, extra access… Hopefully, it makes the world a better place.”

Once Coach Nava raises enough money, he plans on building enough shields to donate to first responders.

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