ROMA, Texas (ValleyCentral) – David Galan has led by example on both sides of the football as Roma continues its historic football season.

The Gladiators are off to an 8-0 record after a double overtime win against PSJA Memorial. If Roma wins out, it will be the program’s first-ever district title.

“Wow…I really don’t know how to answer that one,” Francisco Villanueva, Roma Head Football Coach, said. “We’ve never had that happen. It would be the first time we ever, but the community is very excited. We’re very excited, too, and hopefully, it does happen for us.”

Roma’s offense has been nothing short of impressive. The Gladiators average 45.4 points per game. The man in the driver’s seat for this offense is senior David Galan.

Galan added another masterful performance in Week 9. Galan totaled 332 yards, two rushing touchdowns, and one passing touchdown.

“I just saw the holes and I kept on telling Coach [Villanueva], this is open,” Galan said. “We kept on running, and it worked.”

Galan assumed the starting quarterback role this season. Before his time under center, David was an All-State corner for the Gladiators in 2022.

He plays both ways for Roma. For Villanueva, having a talent like Galan is a coach’s dream.

“He’s here every day,” Villanueva said. “He’s worked hard all offseason, all summer. He’s just one of those amazing kids that you don’t get every year that you wish you had every year.”

Galan and the Gladiator squad have two games left in the regular season. Winning out means Roma would host its first-ever playoff game.

Until then, Roma will continue to play with a chip on its shoulder.

“We proved everybody wrong,” Galan said. “I don’t see why everyone thinks Roma is bad, so we proved them all wrong and showed them what Roma Football is all about.”