BROWNSVILLE, Texas (Valley Central) – Bryan Chavez’s historic nine touchdown performance in the second round earned him Athlete of the Week honors.

The senior running back scored 63 of the 74 points in Brownsville Vets’ 74-59 win against Victoria West. Chavez had no idea the type of performance he was in for. 

“It was at the end of the game, ” said Chavez. “It was mind blowing. Oh my God. Nine touchdowns. That’s incredible.”

The Chargers’ game plan heading into the second round matchup was to run the ball, and run it effectively. 

Despite his historic performance, Chavez made sure his offensive line received just as much praise. 

“I think I’m getting all the credit, but we should give some credit to the O-line,” said Chavez. They’re the ones that make everything happen, like the big holes, so shout out to them.”

On top of the nine touchdowns, Chavez ran for 453 yards. Head Coach Kelley Lee knew his back was up for the game plan against Victoria West.

Come gametime, Chavez delivered.

“He just answered the bell every time,” said Lee. “It seemed like they would score it, and we would come back on the field. He’d start us off with a big run right away, and then we would get the ball rolling.”

Brownsville Vets’ third round matchup against PSJA North is the deepest playoff run in program history.

The Chargers have home field advantage, too. After a coin flip with Raiders Head Coach Marcus Kaufman, the game will be played at Sam’s Stadium. 

“Now we got this opportunity, and we want to make the most of it,” said Lee. “It’s super exciting to be at home. We’ve played really well at home, whether it’s at our stadium, or Sam’s, and our kids play hard there. The support we’re going to get from the community is going to be outstanding. It should be a great atmosphere.”

“A lot of people are going to come out and support us,” said Chavez. “The atmosphere is going to be great.”

Chavez has scored 14 touchdowns in two playoff games this year. Finding the endzone will be in the recipe for success against PSJA North.

Kickoff from Sam’s Stadium is Friday, Nov. 25, at 6:00 p.m.