ISLA BLANCA PARK, Texas (ValleyCentral) — It was a dark and early Saturday morning. Many waited in mile-long lines and some walked with chairs in hand making the journey to the best spot they could find.

“It’s exciting just to be here, it’s exciting, we were worried we weren’t going to make it because they had scrubbed yesterday and well, but we are here,” said Bonnie Templeton, who drove from Odessa.

This was the first launch for many spectators. Dylan Vazquez, from San Antonio, felt all the emotions as he was finally able to watch this launch in person.

“It’s the first successful one that I’ve seen from SpaceX here,” said Dylan Vazquez. “My first time coming here was SN8, but it was scrubbed the day before the actual launch. I also tried coming the first launch attempt on April 17, but they scrubbed, but today was a different day.”

A group of students, who are space fans, traveled all the way from Florida to experience the launch.

“I was really awestruck, my mouth was gaping open because I’ve never seen anything like it before, and so, it was really interesting because I didn’t realize how loud it would be,” said Audrey Berlie, who visited from Florida. “Especially at the end when the explosive explosion happened, it was just beautiful.”

You could hear the enthusiasm from all parts of Isla Blanca.  Space fanatics yelling with excitement as they witness history being made.

“I mean, we’re watching the future, it was the most powerful rocket ever launched, I mean, it was like, all the engines look good,” said Alex Clark, who drove from Dallas. “It was fantastic, so I’m just, we’re all just so stoked to be here I mean, it was it was still a long drive, but we’re just so stoked.”