ISLA BLANCA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Hundreds of space fans gathered at Isla Blanca Park Thursday morning for the historical SpaceX test launch.

People from all around the Rio Grande Valley and the nation were left astonished after the starship made its way up into the sky.

“Seeing it fly was just emotional,” Tennessee space fan Frederick Fay said. “We’ll be flying to Mars.”

Not only were people traveling from out of state, but also from outside the United States.

“I took a flight from Berlin,” space fan Bernd Ruehl said. “I don’t think it matters what religion you are, what nationality you are, or even what political side you are on. Today was a great day for mankind.”

The SpaceX starship ended in a mid-air self-destructive explosion nearly four minutes after the launch. Experts say this will help gather data to keep making improvements.

“This is the first step. The rocket exploded today. No problem,” Rald Heckel, Chairman of the International Space Education Institute said. “In a few weeks, we will see the next launch.”

Elon Musk tweeted after the launch that a lot was learned and that new launch could happen in the next few months.