Special Report: SpaceX and Beyond


Since late 2018 there has been an increase of production at Boca Chica Beach. It’s all in anticipation of a SpaceX launch in south Texas.

Brownsville City Commissioners discussing plans for an observatory near the city landfill. 

Commissioner Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa says, “This is something that a lot of states don’t have the opportunity to do. I hope that we can partner up with the university, BISD, any other entity that wants to come around and be a part of what we’re building here.” 

The proposed site is something Brownsville City officials have the all clear for; chairs and non-permanent seating. “Although the rocket belongs to SpaceX, it also belongs to every single citizen in the City of Brownsville.” Says Commissioner Tetreau-Kalifa. 

Meanwhile Cameron County has been busy since early 2018 in building an amphitheater to view rocket launches. With 4,000-seating capacity the county expects the facility will be the go-to place for rocket launch viewings.

Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr., “We’re on the finishing stages of the amphitheater and the special events center, the hope is that before the first launch takes place.”

The project comes at a planned cost of over $6 Million. It’s construction much further ahead than the Brownsville concept with fencing around the almost complete amphitheater. Along with the facilities, the county judge says they are in constant communication with SpaceX. In recent years the Cameron County Spaceport Development Corporation is looking to represent local interests. 

“We have a spaceport, they basically serve as a liaison between the state of Texas, the governor’s office, economic development office, and SpaceX. We’re in close contact with SpaceX.” Says Judge Trevino. 

The clock is ticking before the launch site is complete and the starship is ready for initial testing. Last month, Space X founder, Elon Musk suggested that test flights could begin as early March or April of this year.

High winds are the cause of repairs and possible delays. Now a new issue is arising; the Border Wall. The rocket is currently housed on the northern side of State Highway 4. The launch site is across the street near the U.S.-Mexico border.

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