EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Many across the Valley are excited about the highly anticipated launch of the SpaceX Starship.

Several are keeping a close eye on an official launch date as others have followed this historic moment from the beginning.

“You know a lot of people are more interested or wanted to see what’s happening out there,” RGV Aerial Photographer Mauricio Atilano said.

Atilano has been capturing the moments at SpaceX with aerials and more since 2018.

He says there have been so many changes in these past years, from new development and new launch pads.

“There’s already multiple buildings that are out there multiple manufacturing tents there’s actually two bays that are being used consistently for stacking of the ships and the other one they refer to the mega bay that one is used for the boosters,” Atilano said.

Atilano says there are certain no fly zones he had to adapt to or even capturing clips from an aircraft.

But the biggest challenge comes from mother nature.

“Most clouds are usually formed underneath that particular altitude so if there’s any clouds whatsoever over Starbase that means that we can’t see anything underneath those clouds, that makes any sense? Right, all we’re going to see is a blanket of white,” Atilano said.

“This is something that’s never been done before what’s so special about this rocket in particular is it’s able to carry so much more weight than any other rocket that’s ever been made,” UTRGV Rocket Launchers Captain Ryan Lopez.

Students with the UTRGV Rocket Launchers are keeping a close eye on the SpaceX launch date.

The technical organization began back in 2015 and students can build high power rockets that can fly 10,000 feet and even compete with others across the nation. Members say this is historic for South Texas.

“This would open the gate to sending people to mars making payload cheap and it’s really going to change the game in rocketry,” Lopez said. “This happening in the Valley is going to inspire a lot of future stem students and going to make life multi planetary.”

The anticipated launch can motivate others in the upcoming future.