BOCA CHICA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Visitors across the Valley and beyond made their way to South Texas to witness the historic test launch of the SpaceX Starship.

“I am still literally shaking from the rocket and just the anticipation. This is world history in the making,” Tommy Saenz, a Brownsville native said.

Saenz said that has been following SpaceX since its early stages.

Space enthusiasts from across the country made their way out leaving some speechless.

“It was amazing. I’ve never heard anything like it before and it’s just, I can’t explain it,” Jimmy Langston, a space enthusiast from Alabama said.

Jimmy Langston, his father, and his pet dog traveled all the way from Alabama for the launch.

Their family, along with many others camped out overnight at the Raptor Roost which sits on the banks of the Rio Grande near Brownsville.

The spot is just 3.7 miles away from the launch site.

Spectators spent all night and morning anxiously waiting for the big launch while building a community.

“It was great learning about the people and where they came from and what they’re into and how they got here. It was nice to get connected to these people for not now, but for future launches too,” Noah Ruiz of Arizona said.

Ruiz said he traveled from Arizona since February in anticipation of the SpaceX activity.

He said he plans to head back home now that the Starship launched.

Another Brownsville native and photographer, Carlos Nuñez, said he has been capturing photos of the site since the first pile of dirt was laid.

“Certainly, I’ve seen a big growth and big enthusiasm for not only SpaceX but for what we just witnessed,” Nuñez said.

One of the biggest influences in SpaceX activity is Lab Padre.

“Still trying to catch my breath it’s been a wild ride this morning. Some of the coolest awesome hottest video that we were able to capture in the past couple years down here. I tell you it was one heck of a ride today,” Louis Balderas, the founder of Lab Padre Media said.

Balderas along with his team provide 24/7 live stream of the SpaceX activity.

Lab Padre has cameras set up at SpaceX and surrounding areas.

The streaming service allows people who can’t make it out to watch in person to enjoy the view remotely.

Balderas along with all the space enthusiasts say they plan on continuing to follow and wait for the next big launch.