No Drone Zone


Photographers beware. With recent announcements of SpaceX testing happening in Brownsville this week, an increase of enthusiasts looking to get a special picture of history in the making. Now a stern warning for drone users in the area. Fly a drone and pay a hefty fine.

An increase in activity and an increase in security for the SpaceX launch site near Boca Chica Beach. For the past few days tests have been ongoing for the Starship Prototype Hopper, no lift off, or soaring rocket over Brownsville this week.

However, many remain hopeful that the raptor engine testing takes place soon.

In addition, visible changes in the area in terms of security. Road closure signs are now visible with active checkpoints at scheduled times.

Also new to the area is more than one deputy on site, along with multiple signs placed along the road prohibiting drone use. With the signs warning of $10,000 fines for using their aerial drones.

Mauricio Atilano – RGV Aerial Photography, “I actually thought the drone ban was necessary and it was expected because there’s a lot of drone activity lately. SpaceX facilities are critical infrastructure and they are off limits to drones as well.”

RGV Aerial Photography is one of many who frequent the site to photograph progress near spacex in Brownsville. Despite having a commercial license and despite their drones not flying directly on SpaceX property their drones are part of the many not allowed this week.

“Aside from the drone ban we are not able to fly today because of the temporary flight restriction that’s in the area in effect until tomorrow.” says Atilano.

Even if the signs were not in place, the drones could not have flown today due to FAA restrictions which prohibit them from flying this week.

Cameron County issued a release saying that portions of highway four may be closed again tomorrow for SpaceX related activities.

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