BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — If you’re looking for a destination that is out of this world, try traveling to South Texas.

Space enthusiasts and anyone wanting to witness history in the making can travel down to SpaceX’s Starbase in Brownsville.  Starbase is the home to SpaceX’s launch site, manufacturing and testing facility, and best known for company CEO Elon Musk’s mission to Mars in the making.  

Rocket Ranch is a site less than four miles from SpaceX and right on the Rio Grande River, giving people a chance to witness historical launches.  

“You can see testing areas that are usually visible. It’s a great place. So that’s what we offer. The closest, most amazing experience on the planet,” said Anthony Gomez, the managing partner for Rocket Ranch.

Gomez said guests can choose to camp in tents on the property, rent a vintage RV or stay in a room at the “Ranch House.” 

A short drive away from the site is the highlight of Rocket Ranch, The Outpost, which is just 3.7 miles from the launch site. It’s a multi-level viewing area and a 30-foot tower providing a premier view of Musk’s missions.  

“We’re about as close and as tall as we’d like to be here,” Gomez said.

Rockets are lined up SpaceX’s Starbase facilities along State Highway 4 in Cameron County. (By Frank Maldonado/ValleyCentral)

The views from Rocket Ranch and The Outpost have attracted visitors from across the globe, according to Gomez.

Can’t drive to South Texas? Try a virtual option

For people who can not make it out to Starbase, Louis Balderas with LabPadre gives everyone a chance to view it virtually.  

Balderas has cameras set up near and around the SpaceX site with live views streaming 24/7 on the LabPadre YouTube channel.

Over the years, his channel has captured images from production to historic launches.

Other cool sights, places to watch launches

The Starbase sign is one of many photo opportunities tourists can enjoy, according to Balderas.

“It is one of the coolest places in Texas, I think, right now, to get your selfie taken with rockets and cool signs like this,” Balderas said.

Lots of tourists take their photos in front of the massive Starbase sign at the SpaceX launch facility on Boca Chica Beach in South Texas. (By Frank Maldonado/ValleyCentral)

Down the road on Remedios Avenue, there is another popular spot with a great view, the Rocket Garden.

It is the site where several decommissioned rockets can be seen from the road.  

Although the road is public, Balderas recommends checking if the road is still accessible prior to your trip.  

He said you can get a close-up look at SpaceX’s launch pad near the Boca Chica Beach access.   

Balderas recommends being mindful of your surroundings, and SpaceX’s privacy, and paying close attention to signs in the area to avoid any legal issues.  

It is important to keep in mind that road and beach access can be closed to the public at times during SpaceX activity.