Road To The Olympics: John Shuster

Road to the Olympics

Curling is a winter Olympic sport that does not lack popularity. But why is it such a fan favorite? According to 3-time Olympian John Shuster, it allows for a unique fan experience that other sports don’t always provide.

Shuster says, “During a curling match we’re mic’ed up the entire time. We’re talking about strategy but your interactions with teammates, I think people are able to connect on a personal level.”

John Shuster will forever be tied to a piece of Winter Olympic history. The Minnesota native became the first American Men’s Curler to make a 4th Olympic team. 

Shuster also said, “It’s something that I’m extremely proud that I’ve been able to be around the top in our sport for so long.”

While making another Olympic team is accomplishment in itself, Shuster wants another medal to add to his collection. He took home a bronze in 2006 and has learned a lot since then.

“I’ve got really good notes in my head about 2010 and 2014…you know where the short comings happened and how they happened. I’m relatively certain that when we get to South Korea in February we’ll be ready to have our peak performance.” Added Shuster.

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