RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Salty swells roll inexorably shoreward as gentle waves flow soothingly from distant sunrise opening the door of the day.

The ephemeral magic of sunrise is fleeting, but the mesmerizing beauty glows in our hearts forever.

South Texas is renowned for stunning sunrises, from the shores of South Padre Island to the sprawling ranchlands of the Wild Horse Desert.

There is no better way to start the day than with a beautiful sunrise, and the Rio Grande Valley displays some of the most breathtaking imaginable.

A ceaseless roll of tide washes onto a shell-strewn beach as a lone pelican soars just above sun-lit surf.

Cowboys greet the dawn on horseback, as they ride vast coastal prairie, and a White-tailed deer slowly strolls across misty sendero vanishing into cloaking chaparral.

Along the beach, pelicans take flight soaring low in search of fish to plunge for, and in the bay, fishermen begin their first dawn casts.

Every sunrise is distinct with its own unique beauty, while each brings the promise of a new day.

Sometimes eastern sky is splashed with subtle hues before the sun breaks the horizon; while on other mornings’s sky is richly painted with intense crimson colors.

On cloudy days or fog-shrouded mornings, the sun has an ethereal appeal even if we have not arisen to admire it.

In spring, blooming yuccas stretch toward sunrise, and in fall migrating waterfowl joyously take flight with the day’s first light adding their spirited call of the wild to daybreak.

Sunrise stirs primordial urges and amidst coyote howls bucks begin prowling and birds voice their dawn chorus.

Sunrise inspires, energizes, renews, and gives hope reminding us that time is forever moving forward, and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us.