RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Stirring sounds of nature from the morning avian chorus to the thrilling howl of coyotes on the prowl greet a chilly dawn.

With sunrise, Sandhill cranes depart historic roosting grounds trumpeting their primordial call of the wild, and wintering geese clamor heartily preparing for flight.

Irrepressible yuccas thrust bloom spikes skyward proclaiming spring is in the air in southernmost Texas. Exuberant native birdsong celebrates winter’s waning, and raucous chachalacas are among the most enthusiastic.

While spring remains officially months away, South Texas trends way ahead of the rest of the country, and Wild turkeys are already starting to gobble throughout mesquite thickets and oak mottes.

The unmistakable clarion call of Bobwhite quail sails thru the crisp morning air, while the loud squawk of Scaled quail boisterously announces their presence.

Soothing coos of White-wing dove will emanate from sheltering mesquite, as radiant cardinals cheerfully chime in.

The cardinal’s colorful cousin of the chaparral, the pyrrhuloxia, lends his sharp whistle to the burgeoning avian chorus.

No brush country choir is complete without the melodious repertoire of mockingbirds, and exquisite song of Curve-billed thrasher.

The perky Cactus wren exuberantly shakes his tail feathers while chortling excitedly.

From a venerable cottonwood, a Red-crowned parrot joyfully responds to his mate, gleefully spreading his wings welcoming her imminent arrival.

While an enthralling bird song abounds throughout the early spring soundscape, the resounding roar of an amorous alligator portends the gator concert is about to commence.

Even louder than a bull gator is the crack of lightning and the boom of thunder announcing approaching showers bringing early South Texas springtime to fruition and creating a froggy chorus.

Nature’s landscape, from breathtaking sunrises to verdant fields of colorful wildflowers is visually stunning, but the soundscape of the natural world is equally alluring.