Richard Moore Outdoor Report: Nature Nurtures

Richard Moore Outdoor Report
February 07 2021 06:00 pm

RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas – It is universally praised that nature nurtures us. Richard Moore explains during this continuing crisis, the power of nature to soothe our souls is vital.

While the ongoing corona crisis keeps most of us sheltering in place, the power of nature to nurture becomes even more apparent.

The frenetic pace of modern life has slowed, and if there is a silver lining to this temporary sedentary existence it is the opportunity to savor the pause and open ones senses to nature.

You don’t have to travel to exotic wildlands to appreciate the curative powers of nature, as simply stepping out into your backyard can be revelatory.

Neighborhood birds are joyfully singing, while myriad migratory birds flit thru our yards seeking sustenance to fuel them on their northward journey.

While civilization has slowed, the natural world flows with unceasing vigor as nesting season progresses and migratory marvels unfold.

Occasionally, unplugging and opening one’s senses to nature’s flow recharges our soul and reminds us we are not apart from nature, but rather a part of nature.

Indeed, the more populated, crowded and high tech we become the more nature we need.In this time of crisis we crave even more vitamin N as in Nature, and while vistas of wilderness and boundless seashore are perhaps temporarily beyond our reach our backyards beckon.

And you never know what magical moment awaits you when you step outside.

Perhaps, if you look closely at that backyard butterfly weed you will notice those strikingly yellow and black monarch caterpillars munching away.

And just over there on that nearby tree you may witness one of the most craftily camouflaged creatures in nature as the Anole lizard changes its color from bright green to brown matching the bark it clings to.

Maybe this spring you will even be fortunate enough to have a buff-bellied humming bird nest in your yard.

Mother Nature is resilient and so are we. Together we will get thru this crisis.

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