Richard Moore Outdoor Report: Natural Wonders

Richard Moore Outdoor Report

HARLINGEN, Texas — A revelation of awe and wonder captivates the senses when in the presence of a magnificent South Texas sunrise or when peering into the wild and mysterious eyes of a Peregrine falcon.

A feeling of being intensely alive coupled with a sense of natural humility suffuses ones soul in breathtaking moments such as these.

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “We need the tonic of wilderness.” Or, as more recent writers have stated, “We need more vitamin N as in Nature.”

A visceral relationship with the natural world is vital to human well-being. Our DNA flows with primordial connections to nature woven over eons, but technology and pace of modern life has left many people bereft of that essential connection to nature.

Indeed, the more populated, congested and high tech we become the more nature we need. Occasionally, unplugging and opening ones senses to the wildlands recharges ones personal battery and reminds us we are not apart from nature, but rather a part of nature.

Fortunately, the Rio Grande Valley offers a variety of outdoor opportunities for folks to reconnect with nature and enjoy the restorative powers of the wild. From the tranquil waters of the mother lagoon, to the various state parks and national wildlife refuges, there are a variety of places to explore the recuperative powers of nature.

And you don’t even have to leave your backyard to experience the wonders of nature, as the life shine in a chachalaca’s eye so eloquently expresses.

Whatever venue you choose, just by slowing down and appreciating the miraculous you will enjoy the incalculable value of kinship with nature and renewal of the human spirit.

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